is more than just a website who will provide you with the best logistics company to partner from. But we are also your partner in growing every business and maximizing profitability. We desire to team up and create a strong foundation of long years of excellent service and strong partnership that will result in a legacy of growth both for us and for our partners.

Aside from the air and sea freight that both contributed and gained its name in excellence and trust, we also have hundreds of services for our clients.


Since we also offer convenience to our client, we also have warehouse facilities scattered at the key cities of the country. We cater short term and long-term storage requirements to our clients. We have an excellent Warehouse Management System which allows us to automate and control the supply chain process. We also offer tailor-made execution of receiving, picking, inventory control, cross-docking, returns processing, and order management.


We understand the burden and the need for companies who have heavy and over-dimensional equipment. Traveling it to a certain destination is not that easy as compared to other products. That is why we created an added service that specializes in this kind of complex cargo. We have expertise in handling and transporting huge and oversized cargo. Rest assured that no matter how big or small we can handle it by care. Our team is dedicated to ship your cargo anytime, anywhere, no matter how big, small or heavy.

ISO Tank

By increasing demand, we made an added service that specializes in the transport of bulk liquid product, may it be hazardous or non-hazardous. Our tanks are proven the safest, most efficient and both economical and eco-friendly. And since we give importance to high standards, we provide cleaning and repair service, ensuring the maintenance of the service.

Our special discount, voucher codes and promo codes are not limited only to our main services but also to our additional service as well allowing our clients to save more.