Different companies are in constant need and in constant challenge of tracking inventories and making sure that every product is delivered on time and in good condition to their consumers. If you are looking for the perfect partner in delivering such service to your consumers may it be within the Netherlands or other countries in the globe, we have provided the choices for you dividing it to the three types of logistics.

Freight Services

Different companies, different kinds of products and services, and when transporting huge items, freight services are the solution. This type of logistics generally involves the use of trains or trucks, however, if you have to need overseas freight, it is usually transported on cargo ships. For huge shipments, such as equipment, it can be delivered from port to warehouse. It may also require a full truckload. While on smaller products, less than truckload services may enable you to share the cost with other parties.

Courier Services

Transporting different products comes with a different type of logistics. In the courier service type of logistic, it focuses on small products, those who need a higher level of care or time-sensitive products. This type of logistics provides fast delivery, safe and less risk of damage to the product that you need to transport.

Warehousing Services


Other than receiving a product from a manufacturer or transporting it to your client, another dilemma of a company is managing its inventory. Warehousing services is one solution to this. Through our partners who offer warehousing services, space in storing your products safely until its transport will not be a problem. Warehousing services also do accurate tracking of inventory until it is shipped to your clients.

Our partners with these types of logistics are the best option you may entrust your product with when it comes to transporting and shipping your products. Our partners gained a good reputation by providing excellent and timely service. They also offer voucher codes, promo codes and special discounts. They also give rental car coupon code & discounts as one way of helping their client to save as well as one way of building a strong partnership with them.