In the logistics industry, various mode of transportation is needed to transport a certain product. One of these modes of shipment is through air freight. As most of us already this type of shipment method is for high value and low volume of shipments. But there are more advantages in using this method in logistics and supply chain.

Fastest Shipping Method

air transportWhen your client requires fast shipment of the product, air freight can be the best choice. Compared to sea freight where there will be some cargo traffic, or there will be long hours or days of sailing, or compare to road transport, where traffic may be an obstacle. Traveling by air will be the best solution if you for you.

Secured and Low Risk of Theft and Damage

Because of the high level of security in airports, strictly managed safety controls over cargo, there will be a high possibility of having your goods secured. Strict management also reduces the risks of theft and damage.

Less Packaging

Having your product air-shipped will help you to save time and money as most air shipments require less weighty packages.


Reduce the Need for Warehousing

Be more profitable by saving money in reducing the need for a warehouse. As in air freight, it is faster to transport and there will be no need for local warehousing. Also, clearance and cargo inspection are more efficient and can be cleared easily.

Reliable Transport Time

Since most airports are very strict on their flight schedules, products delivery time can be calculated easily. Also having a variety of flight schedules, missing a flight may not be a problem.

Deliver Almost Anywhere

delivery serviceNowadays, trading products anywhere in the world may not be a problem, as also tourism is in increasing growth so is the airlines’ industry also. Giving the logistics industry to come along with this increasing growth. As airlines nowadays have a lot of destinations and flight schedules to choose from, transporting your products is almost always possible whenever. Giving also the Netherlands an increasing opportunity to connect with other countries around the globe.

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