Today, the logistics industry is on continuous growth and thrive. It has been evident that the industry contributed a lot to the Netherlands economy. The Netherlands is being labeled as the next big thing in logistics and supply chain management industry because of the country’s strategic location. Given also the support the government has that can be seen on its well-developed and maintained airports, seaports, roads, and expressways that contributed a lot to the growing industry of logistics. The Netherlands support and investment on their primary modes of transportation has greatly paid off and helped increase the country’s economic standing.


Through the transportation advancement that the government of the Netherlands has been investing, many nearby countries find it helpful also to their businesses and did not think twice in partnering with the Netherlands in transporting their goods and products. May it be in exporting or importing. Many companies also saw this as an opportunity to advance and continuously developed and supply their products not just only to the country’s different region but also to the different parts of the continent and of the globe. Doing this move help many companies to continuously grow thus making also the country gain more and more income every year.

In an increasing demand for different products from different companies gives a dynamic and active movement of logistics and supply chain management. Thus, making logistics company be more competitive and think of innovative ways to meet certain demands.

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