One of the most common modes of transportation is road transportation. It is commonly used in the logistics industry. Given the developed and well-maintained roads in the Netherlands, logistic companies find it to be a helpful aspect of their service. The country’s road is carefully being handled by authorities of all four administrative levels in the Netherlands.

Different cargo and shipments may not be handled through railways, sea freight or air freight, in this event roadways is the primary mode of transportation. Road transportation plays a big role in handling cargo in both large or small town. On this kind of transportation, it is usually done and carried by lorries or trucks. Since every product is different, some may be huge, heavier or small. Different kinds of trucks are needed in logistics and supply chain management.


Straight Truck

A straight truck is typically known as cube van or box truck. This kind of truck is often used to transport home goods, furniture, and smaller items.

Flatbed Trailers

This kind of truck is known and popular by its versatility. It is used to load freights on its tip, sides, and rear. It usually carries container van and has been a leading asset in the trucking industry because of its versatility.

Refrigerated Trailers

This type of truck is used in transporting chilled or frozen goods. The truck’s temperature is controlled and maintained regardless of the weather condition outside the truck. Since this truck needs additional fuel to maintain its cooling mechanism, it is more expensive than regular trucks.


Dry Van

This type of truck in enclosed and used to carry and protect goods and products inside from harmful elements of the roads and weather. Products and goods are loaded in the rear of the truck by using a loading dock.

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