When it comes to huge equipment, numerous products or more affordable shipping method, ocean freight is one of the best choices. Sea freight provides an efficient service of transporting goods and products to different places in the globe. This shipment method is widely used by different industrialized countries because of its advantages. Shipping and transporting from the Netherlands to a different part of the globe can be efficient also by using this method.

sea cargo


By transporting products by sea freight, it is more cost-effective compared to different air freight service providers. Ocean freight shipping is more affordable but does not compromise its reliability. In transporting heavy loads, bulk cargos like grains, coal, or ores, it is highly cost-effective with regular cargo schedules. Also, an industrial revolution happened when cheap water transport by canals or shipping by different types of watercrafts waterways supported bulk transport.


Unlike air freight services, ocean freight services are more eco-friendly as planes use lots of fuel and leave a large amount of carbon that is dangerous to the environment.

Ships and watercraft, these of course use in maritime transport, however, types can be distinguished by its size or cargo type. There are different primary maritime transport types and some of these are:

Bulk Carrierscargo

Bulk carriers are cargo ships used to deliver bulk cargo items like rice, grains and other food staples. It is recognizable by its large box-like hatches on their deck.

Container Ships

This kind of ship is a cargo ship that transport their entire load in truck containers. They deliver the majority of the globe’s dry cargo. most of the time this type of ships are propelled by diesel engines.

This ship may sometimes be called general cargo ship since this kind of ship is used to transport different kinds of products, from bulk goods to heavy cargo. The ship has large open holds and tween decks to ease the carriage of different cargoes.

As part of creating a strong partnership and gaining customer loyalty, different sea freight companies do give special discounts and coupon codes on products that is both beneficial to the company and their dear clients.